• May 21, 2020

Cocktails & Dreams: Ep. 2 Dark and Stormy

Cocktails & Dreams: Ep. 2 Dark and Stormy

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Welcome to Cocktails & Dreams, where the bar is always open… because it’s at home.

Hold onto your hats! This week on Cocktails & Dreams, we’ve made a classic cocktail for you, Dark and Stormy. This cocktail is great to have in your repertoire; it’s easy to make and delicious to drink.

On this week’s episode, you’ll meet a new face! You might recognize him from Lakeside Brew Pub, our friendly, talented, and sometimes hard to understand bartender, Brandon!

Dark and Stormy

Screech 2 oz
Ginger Beer 8 oz
Lime Wedge
Rosemary 2 sprigs

1. Pour 2 oz of Screech into you mixing vessel
2. Remove the rosemary needles from stem and drop them in with the Screech, followed by a lime wedge. Muddle these three ingredients well.
3. Pour in ginger beer and stir well.
4. Pour your cocktail into a glass over ice.
5. Slap a sprig of rosemary and use it as garnish.
6. Enjoy!

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