Ep. 1: Cooking with Beer – Whistling Paddler Honey Bread & Class V Hummus

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Are you seeking kitchen inspiration during these times? Look no further. Our Head Chef, Sarah, whipped up a couple of great recipes for you to try at home, and our President and Co-Founder, Chris, was kind enough to film a play-by-play for you. Enjoy! Whistling Paddler Honey Bread Ingredients: 12 oz Whistling Paddler 3 cups…

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Holiday Gift Guide – 2019

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It’s the most wonderful time for a beer! The early bird gets the best presents! We’ve put together a selection of gift packages that are sure to please the craft beer aficionado on your holiday shopping list. Plus, our extra festive 12 Beers of Christmas is now available, and 12% off from Black Friday through…

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Beer Cocktail: Break the Ice

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Break the Ice Ingredients  2 dashes Dillon’s Pear Bitters Splash of simple syrup 2oz club soda 5oz Icebreaker Brut IPA 3oz sparkling wine Fresh pear, cut in thin slices Method Add bitters, syrup, soda, IPA, and sparkling wine to mixing glass. Stir. Pour mix into champagne flute. Garnish with slice of pear. Enjoy.

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Cooking with Beer:KLR Lamb Lollipops

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KLR Lamb Lollipops By Head Chef Sarah Best served with Whistling Paddler Ingredients 1/2 cup KLR 93 1/3 cup olive oil 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tbsp. dry mustard 1 tbsp. salt 1 tbsp. pepper Rack of spring lamb Method Chop rack of lamb between bones to form ‘lollipops’. Mix beer, spices, garlic, and olive…

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Beer 101:Release the Brut IPA

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Release the Brut IPA By Brewmaster Sean About a year ago, I saw some buzz around a new IPA. This isn’t normally big news, but when I read the description, “crazy dry IPA”, my interest was peaked. A lot of IPAs nowadays are hazy and ‘pillowy’ (soft on the palate), but this new style is…

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Issue No. 24

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Beer 101 Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Brewmaster Sean Goddard What is the difference between a hoppy beer and a bitter beer? Is there one? This is a great question! With a lot of hype coming out about new IPA styles, we must educate ourselves as to what hoppy means as well as what bitter…

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Issue No. 23

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A Note from Chris 2018: That’s a Wrap Well that was a whirlwind finish to the year. 2018 bombarded us with a number of challenges but thanks to such an effective and hard working team, the successes certainly outweighed these difficulties. As we look into 2019, 2020 and beyond, we’ll be analysing all of these…

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Issue No. 22

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A Note from Chris Beer, Beer, and Even More Beer It’s the leadup until Christmas and boy do we have the selection of beer for you. We predictably have our core lineup – Farmer’s Daughter, Whistling Paddler, Class V, Midnight Stout, Legion Lager and KLR93. 6 beers that are representative of a variety of styles…

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Holiday Gift Guide – 2018

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Ho Ho Ho The gifting season is upon us, and at Whitewater Brewing Co. we want to make sure that your holiday shopping is as stress-free as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this gift guide that has a little something for everyone. These gifts are sure to please the craft beer lover on your…

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Issue No. 21

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A Note from Chris Powered by Whitewater In January 2010, I was in the Grand Canyon with James, on a 19-day kayak and raft trip. Hundreds of miles, lots of rapids and even more beers. It’s one of the trips that truly inspired the brewery. Short days with the sun setting over the canyon in…

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