Issue No. 3

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A Note from the Chris’ Brewed by Friends March was another month of firsts and by no means are they becoming less exciting for us (and hopefully you guys too!). We were finally able to get the Whistling Paddler and Midnight Stout into cans and just as exciting, it happened on-site at the Lakeside Brewery.…

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Issue No. 2

1024 857 Savannah

A Note from the Chris’ Reminiscing This month was another big month in that we brewed our first batch at the Lakeside location. After a long day that went surprisingly smooth, the other Chris and I sat down to enjoy a pint as we do from time to time, and as we also do from time to time,…

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Issue No.1

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A Note from the Chris’ Friends, Community, and Beer Hey friends, Chris & Chris here. Welcome to our first monthly newsletter/blog. We wanted to put this together to make sure everyone knows of all the fun stuff we have going on at the brewery, as well as to share some awesome beer education and cooking…

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