Canada's First Climate Neutral Certified Brewery

Canada's First Climate Neutral Certified Brewery

Incredible beer brewed without the negative environmental impact.

We are thrilled to announce that we are certified Climate Neutral! After years of committing to sustainable business practices and many months of working with Climate Neutral, we've measured and offset our entire carbon footprint. Furthermore, we have built a plan to continue to reduce our emissions moving forward.

Our Climate Neutral certification exists alongside the sustainability efforts we already employ, such as local and ethical sourcing, our partnership with Bullfrog Power which enables our Lakeside Brewery & Brew Pub to operate using renewable energy, thoughtful wastewater practices, and more.

Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization working to decrease global carbon emissions. We're passionate about exploring, playing in, and enjoying the splendours of the great outdoors - and we're dedicated to protecting our climate for generations to come.

Who knew drinking beer could be a force for good?